The selected of the 22th edition

The jury of the competition has selected the finalists of the 22nd edition of Spirito di Vino! The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday 11 December at 4.00pm in Santa Maria dei Battuti (Via Borgo di Ponte, 1) in Cividale del Friuli.
The ceremony will take place in full compliance with the regulations for the containment of Covid-19. If you want to follow the awards live on Zoom, you can log in using this link

Here is the list of finalists



Vinho celestial _ Bruno Albuquerque _ Portugal
RED Pass _ Stefano Dorigo _ Italy
Divine moment _ Anya Kuzai _ Russia
Ispirazione diVina _ Malika Romanova _ Italy


Autumn_ Aurel Ştefan Alexandrescu _ Romania
Grande riserva _ Manuel Arriaga _ Spain
_ Alexandru Bartfeld _ Israel
Space tourism for everyone! _
Henrique Behr _ Brasil
Only wine, please _ Camilla Burgassi _ Italy
One day in a cartoon party _ Santiago Conrejo _ Argentina
I'm dreaming for a wine Christmas _ Rainer Demattio _ Germany
Spirito di VinoThe magic influence of wine _ Valentin Georgiev _ Bulgaria
In vino veritas _  Tommaso Gianno _ Italy
Wine promotes artistic talent _ David Hafez _ U.S.A.
Victory _ Agus Harsanta _ Indonesia
Abbiamo sete _ Franco Iacumin _ Italy
Vaccwine _ Daniel Kondo _ Uruguay
Conflict of interest _ Josip Kovačević _ Croatia
Vino _ Roman Kubec _ Czech Republic
A Spirit of the vines _ Richard Lowdell _ Great Britain
Cani leggendari _ Matteo Lupatelli _ Italy
A glass of wine and something else _ Makal Sławomir _ Poland
No title _ Gerald Peigneux _ France
Kiss wine _ Sadeghi Saeed _ Iran
Constelación Friuli _ Ariel Severino _ Uruguay
Hic sunt Furlans _ Matteo Storti _ Italy
Prosecco... un messaggio d'amicizia _ Friedrich Tasser _ Italy
Wine & cheese trap _ Mark Winter_ Great Britain
Wine and afterlife _ Morhaf Youssef_ Syria
La musica del vino _ Andrea Zaghen_ Italy